Tinder tricks for more matches

These three simple tweaks will make more girls like you on Tinder

How to meet women on Tinder

Your Tinder profile gets its information from Facebook. It contains a few album pictures of your choice, a description of yourself, and lists of whichever friends and interests that you and the girl checking you out have in common. Here's how to set up your profile to get more matches.

1) Interests

When a girl browses your Tinder profile, she'll only see the interests that the two of you share. This means you should list everything you've ever liked or been into on Facebook; that way, almost every girl who looks at your profile will find that she has something in common with you.

2) Friends

Having a lot of friends on Facebook actually makes getting matches on Tinder harder. Sure, if you have common friends your profile may show up a little sooner in a girl's cue, but there are disadvantages that far outweigh this. A lot of girls will actually avoid liking you if they see that you have common friends; they tend to be afraid of gossip, or of awkward situations ensuing if you should hook up. It just feels safer to talk to guys who aren't connected to someone in her family, someone at her school or someone in her workplace! If you have hundreds and hundreds of Facebook friends, this can actually be a big part of why you aren't getting more matches; you should consider unfriending the ones you don't really know, or maybe even make a new Facebook profile without any friends just for Tinder.

3) Your description

Don't write at length about who your are or what you're looking for; in fact, don't mention that you want to meet someone at all. Don't try to impress by bringing up facts about yourself (classic examples: your job, your title, your car, that you play in a band, that you travel, that you're a sensitive humanitarian, that you're a handyman, that you know how to cook or that you work out). 95% of guys do this, and women can see it coming a mile away. Limit your description to one sentence, don't try to convince anyone that you're a catch, and you'll already be a step ahead of most guys out there.

The perfect description, though, is one that harmonizes with your pictures and helps build a cohesive and attractive impression across your entire profile.

And speaking of your pictures; this is where you'll find the biggest room for improvement!

By taking some simple, logical steps to improve your pictures you'll be able to meet girls of a much higher quality.

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