How to get a girl's number

When should you ask for her phone number? How should you do it?
And how can you call her without making it awkward?

How to Call a Girl From a Dating Site

Dating sites give you a lot of options for communicating with girls, but for the most part, regular messages will be the best way to go. If you live fairly close to the girl, let’s say less than one hour away, you can usually invite her on a date after you've sent five to ten messages back and forth over the course of one to two weeks. Of course, this is assuming that you've had the right kind of conversation, and that your profile is good enough to make her interested in the first place; I cover both of these issues in detail in my book.

So what about phone numbers? If you live close to each other, it will be natural to exchange phone numbers when you arrange the date, but mainly because it will be useful for finding each other or informing each other about being late; you won't really gain any advantages by calling her before your date. Getting her number is no magic trick, just do it like this:

You: Awesome, see you there at eight! My # is 555-1234 btw :)

In nine out of ten times, the girl will give you her number in return.

If there's a substantial distance between you, meeting up will become a bigger deal; grabbing a quick cup of coffee and saying your goodbyes if things don't work out is no longer an alternative. There will be traveling, and you're going to have to spend some time together to make it all worth it; you main plan should be inviting her to stay at you place for a day or two. That means you'll need higher levels of trust and acquaintance; communicating through messages on the dating site won't be enough. You'll need to speak on the phone (or alternatively, on Skype, FaceTime, or some other sort of video chat).

How do you suggest taking your interaction outside of the dating site? One way to do it is to write something like this:

Listen, I don't think I'll have a profile here much longer... but if you give me your number I could text you sometime? :)

Alternatively, you could just keep things simple and ask her; for what it's worth, that's the way I prefer doing things.

Listen, how about giving me your number and I'll text you sometime? ;)

Speaking on the phone can feel a little scary, not just for the person calling, but also for the person picking up! A good way to make the transition from texting to speaking on the phone is to be spontaneous about it; call her in the middle of an exchange and just continue the conversation! "Hey, I figured I'd just call you, I hate writing those long texts :) Where were we... yeah, you should totally go see that movie!" Some people will find this easier than scheduling a call and waiting for the time to come.

In conclusion, getting a phone number isn't that difficult; the real challenge lies in creating a good profile and an effective conversation on the dating site.

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