Online dating game that works?

Yes, it exists. But before we get to the topic of pick up lines, bear with me for a moment; we have to discuss some basic aspects of online attraction.

Pick Up Lines for Online Dating

Whether or not a girl will become attracted to you depends on the impression she gets from you. If you meet her in person, there are a number of factors that contribute to that impression; she'll see you live and in full motion, she'll notice details like the tone of your voice, the look in your eyes, the way you smell, the way you carry yourself and the way in which other people respond to you. You'll have a real, dynamic conversation, and you'll communicate through verbal and nonverbal means. These factors are the tools at you disposal, the instruments you have to play with, when picking up girls in the real world. If a pick up strategy works, it's because it manipulates one of them in a favorable way, leading you to make a more attractive impression.

On a dating site, the process is a little different. The impression you make still determines whether or not girls become attracted to you, but you're limited to expressing yourself through text and two-dimensional images. The setting is different as well; she's not meeting a fellow human being at a club or a social function, she's sitting in front of her computer searching for Mr. Right. Her mindset will be similar to the one she'd have if she were shopping; she'll browse the site, comparing guys to each other and making quick decisions, and everything hinges on the impression she gets from some pictures and some text on her computer screen.

These differences have consequences. Techniques and strategies that work in the real world won't necessarily work the same way on a dating site!

When pickup artists think that online dating doesn’t work it’s often because they approach it in the same way they approach picking up girls in real life. Let us look at an example.

In the real world, a man seems to become more attractive to a woman if other women already find him interesting. The phenomenon is called preselection, and its proponents believe it exists because it has been an evolutionary advantage. It is well documented in animals, and even though it may seem stupid or provoking to us guys it certainly seems to explain a lot of aspects of human female behavior as well. Boybands have been using it for years, recording music videos with screaming girls to make themselves more popular, and a lot of successful real life pickup techniques depend on it.

Knowing this, some guys think it's a good idea to upload pictures in which they're hanging out with attractive girls to their dating profiles. Preselection works in clubs, so why shouldn't it work on dating sites as well? Here's the thing, though; girls understand that the pictures in your profile aren't just some random shots. They know that you've chosen them, and chosen them carefully. The impression they'll get won't be "this guy is cool and popular;" it'll be "this guy is trying to look like he's cool and popular!" Observing a guy who gets a lot of attention from girls at a party is one thing; looking at a dating profile belonging to someone who's chosen to upload pictures of himself with attractive girls is something else entirely.

So what about pick up lines?

You came here looking for online dating pick up lines that work, so I’m sorry to tell you: You’re on the wrong track. Pick up lines don't work very well for online dating. In fact, the whole idea of relying on messages to create attraction on dating sites is fundamentally flawed. It’s a product of pick up artists assuming online dating works like regular dating. I’m not saying messages are irrelevant, and I actually have a lot of tips concerning them, but there are other things that are much, much more important. Continue on to learn what they are.

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