How to suggest a date on Tinder

You've met a girl on Tinder and you want to meet her in real life. Here's how to do it without messing up.

How to suggest a date on Tinder

In short, you will usually be able to propose a date after you've sent five to ten messages back and forth over the course of one to two weeks. Remember, the girl knows nothing about you; she's only seen a few pictures and some common interests. You can't just suggest a date in the first message; she has to feel like she knows you well enough to meet you, and both the number of messages and the time that's passed since you first started your conversation will help give her that feeling.

How do you set up a date when the time comes? First of all, you should be the one taking the lead, suggesting a time, a place, and an activity; most girls will want you to. If you're tentative, always asking her what she'd like to do or looking to her for decisions, it can be a turn off.

Propose a date in a casual, straightforward manner:

"So, how bout a coffee next week? I'm free Tuesday and Thursday :)"

Suggest an activity and two different days that are convenient for you; chances are good that one of them will work for her as well. If not, she'll usually suggest an alternative. When you've agreed on the date, suggest a time and a place; once again, she'll often look to your lead, not suggesting those details herself but rather waiting for you to do it.

If you have a good profile, girls can be more proactive, suggesting a date before you get around to it.

The same rules apply; accept if her suggestions work for you, and give her an alternative if they don't. And feel free to suggest whatever details she omitted, like time or venue, making things as convenient as you can for yourself.

Her: Sooo... you wanna grab a coffee some day? :)

You: Sure :) How 'bout Tuesday or Thursday, at [insert name of venue]? Sevenish maybe?

So, there you have it: setting up a date on Tinder is actually quite straight forward as long as your profile is good enough. And speaking of which: did you know that it's possible to double the amount of matches you get with three simple tweaks?

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